Increasing levels of Vitality & Breastfeeding Success with your Posture and Breath!

Learn how to increase your breastfeeding and motherhood potential by mastering the Art and Power of your Flow!
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About This Product:

Hey Busy Mama!

Feeling Stressed Lately? Experiencing Low Energy and More Irritable than usual?  

Let's face it, Mama Bears, you and your Baby are holistically connected during this special breastfeeding time!
Something you might not know yet is that the emotions you are feeling, thoughts that you are thinking, "breath" postures you are holding, and what foods you may be eating could be AFFECTING  THE WELLNESS POTENTIAL OF  YOU AND YOUR BABY! 

Join this 3 week online live course that is meeting 10: AM EST on Tuesdays!


In this course we will be discussing and learning:

Natural Stress Solutions how to:

A) Relax and choose Peace for you and your baby.
B) Regain your self-confidence and be the "Super" woman you were born to be.
C) Use Your  Breath  Flow and Posture to increase the wellness of your mind, body, and spirit
D) Increase your nerve and blood flow to your hormones, organs, and glands so you can enjoy higher levels of energy and possibly produce healthier milk.

Natural Stress Solutions for the Breastfeeding  Baby and Yourself may help to create:

A) A baby and mama that are enjoying higher levels of Peace and Wellness
B) A baby that cries less and smiles more
C) A baby that is happy before, during, and after breastfeeding and one that is able to thrive.

Why Learn from the Holistic Breath and Nerve Flow Doctor of Chiropractic,
Dr. Lynn Migdal, D.C.?

A) Enjoy the benefits of 40 years of successful experience assisting hundreds of New Moms and Breastfeeding Babies to thrive.
B)  Dr. Migdal understands your pain, your struggle, your stress, and your overwhelm, as she personally breastfed her two daughters while running a successful healing center.
C) If you are not totally in love with this course and/or did not see its value, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Breastfeeding is a short and special time in the life of you and your baby. You have read all the books and possibly talked or listened to the experts. Maybe it is just time to take some personal action,  do some self-care, learn successful stress solutions, and become the happy healthy Mom you were born to be!       If not now.........then when?   

There is a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Special Bonuses

One Private Virtual  Breath and Nerve Flow Posture Nutritional Fitness Coaching Session!

Free Ebook "Wind Kissed", A children's fantasy empowerment story!

You have made the great choice to Breastfeed your baby. Now learn how to be the strongest, happiest, healthy mother that you can be!

The purpose of this course is to educate and entertain natural ways to relax and increase the potential for health for a mom and her baby.
The lifestyle choices and results presented in this course will be different for everyone and results will vary based on experience, effort, education, health conditions, and other factors that are not in Lynn Migdal, D.C.'s control.
This course is not a substitute for the advice of a medical physician. Anyone participating in this course should always consult a medical physician in matters of health, starting a new nutritional plan, exercise program, or with any symptoms that might require medical attention.

Program Details

Copy of Session 1 Meet Your Friend Flow and Begin to Grow and Glow!
Session 2 The Neurological Science of your Breasts and Milk Flow!

Session 1 Discover Healthy Postures that could help your nerves, breath and milk to flow!
Session 2 How to indrease your levels of Nutritional and Emotional Fitness.

Honoring your Breath Space to increse levels of Nerve,Breath and Milk Flow. Let's Breath Dance!

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Dr. Lynn Migdal

Dr. Lynn Migdal "The Holistic Flow Doc!" She has been a Nerve and Breath Flow Trainer and Central Nervous System Chi Flow Doctor of Chiropractic for over 38 years
See Full Biography >
Specializing in Increasing Breath and Nerve Flow and Wellness  to all ages with special emphysis on  "Techno Junkies" who are suffering from  the "Techno Stress" of unheatlhy Techno Breath Postures. Founder of the Looking UP Movement whose focus is to educate the world on how to go from Techno Abuse to Techno Wellness.
She produced this video found at
that teaches this message about our unhealthy habits with technology that is causing intense stress in all of us.
  1. She is a "Natural Holistic Neurologist" (better known as a Chiropractor)
  2. Theraputic Breath Coach
  3. Dancing Spinal Breath Master
  4. Holistic Grief and Trauma Educator
  5. Holistic Resiliency Trainer
  6. Author, International Workshop Leader

Some interesting information about Dr. Migda is that she was totally paralyzed and grew her whole nervous system back and kept herself out of a wheel chair, and off feeding and breathing tubes with the techniques she teaches in her courses, retreats and coaching programs.
She is also healthy and  thriving after a mudslide killed her whole family that included her husband,  two daughters and two homes . She understands your pain and has helped thousands to heal and flow back to peace  after physical , emotional and nutritional stress,  tragedies and trauma. She is an author of three books To read more about her books visit
Call her at 561-322-6735 for more information and to book her for your next staff, leadership and or wellness event. 
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